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TN, Tennessee


  • Bedroom Renovation
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  • Plumbing
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The Challenge

A Nashville, TN, renovation project brought with it a host of problems. For starters, the job was completed during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to countless disruptions in our work—including inflated material costs, special order lead times, and labor challenges. To add to the difficulty, the project was with a new private equity client who usually kept repair work in-house. As a result, we had to adapt to their processes along with the challenges of the pandemic.

Most of the repair work in the home was in the kitchen and master bedroom. Beyond these renovations, the property also needed extensive plumbing work. To land the job, Property Masters composed a painstakingly detailed bid to clearly define responsibilities and materials.

The Plan

With a deal in place, our team began navigating the local contractor market at the height of the pandemic. With some extra effort, we located excellent vendor partners and got down to business. Following the detailed bid and notes provided by the project manager, Property Masters worked through multiple revisions on our original scope.

In the end, we did a full remodel of the kitchen and master bedroom, and also replumbed a large portion of the home. A majority of our plumbing work was done replacing cast iron pipes that were clogged with rust.

The Result

The key to success on this remodel was communication. Because the job occurred during the pandemic, our project manager and account manager had to work tirelessly to keep it on schedule. Throughout the job, we rearranged the project calendar to keep the client happy. Property Masters also went “the extra mile” to keep them informed along the way.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we finished the job on schedule. What’s more, we did excellent cosmetic and plumbing work on the home. The client was extremely pleased with Property Masters and they remain our business partner to this day.

The home sold after spending just one month on the market!

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