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Anastasia Shuraeva

Reclaimed Wood – In or Out?

Written By: Nicole Stilley

What's trending?

A lot of sources will tell you, the trend of using reclaimed wood is on its way OUT and has been for a while. As someone who is actively house hunting, I’ve seen reclaimed and repurposed wood being used for a slew of things. And I really love it! How do you bring warmth and that cozy feeling into your home? Wood elements add rustic charm to any room instantly! I love a good challenge and I consider myself crafty. It gives me a great sense of pride that I can take on almost any project when it comes to using reclaimed wood. And what’s better than giving something old a new life?


Bringing used timber into a home is more work according to some, but the character it adds is worth it. You really can’t replicate used timber because every piece is unique with its own special features. Distressed wood that’s intended to look old, never looks as authentic as the real thing. The older the wood, the better, as it has had time to really show its true self. Aging also brings out all the beautiful natural colors in the wood. And reclaimed wood is strong and durable which is why it is so highly sought after. Reclaimed wood in a home is a sign of quality and it can be matched to just about any decor you choose. If you decide to sell your home, this will give prospective buyers valuable assurances. And it’s environmentally friendly.


Here are some great ways to incorporate reclaimed wood inside of any home:

  • Add an accent wall in a bathroom, living area or bedroom to offer dramatic dimension and
  • Add a one-of-a-kind statement countertop in the kitchen to create that “butcherblock” feel
  • Create a kitchen island that catches attention immediately
  • Build unique cabinetry that no one else can find

In the end, the possibilities are endless. The sky's the limit when it comes to the versatility of reclaimed wood. From ceilings, floors, countertops, shelving and framing...all the way to coffee tables, headboards, and horizontal or vertical accent walls.


Reclaimed wood is super versatile and it can create a more cohesive look throughout each room, whether used as subtle accents or used more prominently throughout the home. The amazing first impression your family and friends get when entering your home is priceless. That first impression is even more priceless when a potential buyer walks into your home. This trend is not going anywhere, anytime soon.