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Perfect Renovation

Building the Perfect First Impression

First Impressions

This old saying always seems to ring true and that is that first impressions are particularly important, and they last. It’s easy to post a listing online with a “for sale” sign placed directly in front of the home. However, when potential buyers arrive at the home, what they see first is crucial because it’s going to set the whole mood for the showing. Curb appeal is vital when it comes to making a positive first impression of your investment.

Picking the Right Paint Scheme

One of the many things you can do to increase curb appeal to prospective buyers is exterior paint. So, what is the right scheme? Are you in a more urban or a more traditional neighborhood? The aesthetic you choose for your house needs to match with the surrounding area. Of course, you can always spark interest with a pop color that makes your house stand out from the rest. An eye-catching navy-blue front door with matching shutters. Or accentuate the home’s trim with a color that’s complementary to the exterior paint. Your comps in the area will help determine what’s trending. Right now, pop colors are definitely trending. Another trend we’ve seen recently is painting brick exteriors. It’s a cost-effective enhancement that gives your property a little something extra to make it stand out from the house next door.

Enhancing the Front Yard With Landscaping

Overgrown yards are noticed not only by the neighbors, but also by prospective home buyers. When thinking about landscaping, think about what can be easily maintained by future homeowners. Spruce up the garden beds with fresh mulch and a nice perennial that can withstand your region's climate. Easy upkeep is a great selling point, especially when the landscaping is attractive. Plant a few easily maintained trees to add some life to the property. Add some stone work to define paths and emphasize the areas that have been added to make that great first impression. The small details can aid in getting a buyer to decide to purchase the home.

Staging For Your Desired Audience

Perhaps your budget does not include exterior repairs or professional landscaping. Or maybe the house doesn’t need a lot of exterior work. Another way to make your property appealing and welcoming is by adding a feature that makes the future homebuyer feel at home. Simply adding a seasonal wreath or a nice outdoor patio set can show prospective buyers that this home could be their home, something they can add their personal touch to and make it all their own. Make sure that what you choose for the exterior can be for any family type. This could range from a full exterior set for a front porch or even a nice accent piece such as a beautiful potted plant.

How Important are First Impressions?

The first impression of your property can mean everything to the person looking at it. It can be the difference between a sale and a no-sale. It can unlock new possibilities and make potential buyers excited about the prospect of finding their dream home. And increasing curb appeal can be straight-forward with the right team of builders and designers. Maximize your return on investment while maintaining the factors that will drive buyers to close the deal - the home’s uniqueness and charm.